2015 Messages

Message From the Chairperson

Dear Students, Research Assistants and Professors,

The Second Graduate Research Workshop of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (GRW-2015) was organized in March 2015. Posters presenting the research outcomes of our graduate students (MS and PhD) were displayed in the Department on March 5 and 6. Then, six of those posters were selected for oral presentations (scheduled on March 13) for further evaluation.

The purpose of this workshop has been twofold: First of all, our graduate students had a chance to present their thesis research in an academic platform to get feedback not only for the technical content of their presentations but also for their written and oral communication skills. Second, we all might get a chance to establish new and fruitful collaborations between different research groups by sharing our research interests within the department.

Research papers presented in poster and oral presentation sessions of this event revealed the breadth and depth of the graduate-level research studies conducted in our department. We have been all proud to witness many successful presentations of international conference quality. We also had a chance to introduce our graduate research activities to our undergraduate students as the posters were displayed in Building A where most of the undergraduate courses are taught. It was so encouraging to see the interest of our undergraduates in posters.

My special thanks go to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özgür Ergül, Prof. Dr. Özlem Aydın Çivi, and IEEE Student Branch of METU for all their efforts to make this flawless organization possible, and to the referees who made time to evaluate our students’ research. Thanks also go to all attending students and their advisors, who shared their successful research findings with us. Finally, I sincerely congratulate our finalists, Çağrı Çetintepe, Gökhan Gültekin, Orçun Kiriş, Yağmur Demircan, Hasan Uluşan, Eren Aydın, and Can Önol.

I am looking forward to future Graduate Research Workshop organizations as this event turns into a well-established departmental tradition to keep stimulating our graduate research studies.

Best Regards,
Prof. Dr. Gönül Turhan-Sayan
Department Chair

Message From the GRW-2015 Committee

Dear METU EEE Members,

We are delighted to organize the 2nd Graduate Research Workshop of our department. The aim of this workshop was to share novel research studies conducted in our department and to give graduate students an opportunity to develop their written and oral presentation skills. This year, we received a total of 42 abstracts. 32 of them were presented as posters during 5 and 6 March, and these abstracts are included in this GRW Proceedings. The poster presentations attracted a lot of attention from undergraduate and graduate students, as well as from faculty. Based on the evaluators’ feedbacks, six finalists were selected for oral presentations. Following the oral presentations on 13 March, three of them were awarded. Even though we were restricted to give awards only to a few top presentations, evaluators’ feedbacks clearly indicated that most of the presentations were indeed of very high quality.

We thank IEEE METU Student Branch for their contributions in the organization of GRW 2015. We would like to thank all participants for their contributions to GRW 2015, which made it a high-quality workshop. We are grateful to all evaluators for their time and efforts in reviewing presentations and providing very valuable feedback to our graduate students.

Kind Regards,
Özlem Aydın Çivi and Özgür Ergül
GRW 2015 Organization Committee